My Experience With Sun and Soil Design

I think you can tell from my face that it was FAN-TAS-TIC.

Jo Cook is a gem.

Funny story: We met at a ballet class in college.

For me, it was a last minute (senior year) ditch effort to fulfill that gym credit. (Spoiler Alert: It Worked)

I’ll have to ask Jo Cook why she took the class.

I distinctly remember the first day of class and meeting her. Her hair caught my attention: “I wish I could pull off her hair” It was short, blonde, and flirty.

Flash forward and I link up with her on Facebook and I am drawn to her site. It’s light, airy, and fresh.

I had gone back and forth with creating a consistent Instagram page:


I reached out and she was completely engaged. She knew my vision and how to make it come to life.

I went to her home studio (wish the chickens where there when I was!) and we got to shooting.

It was the best 2 hours I could have asked for. She was open to my ideas and made me feel comfortable and confident.

There are not enough positive words in the English vocabulary to express my experience with Jo Cook and my graditude towards her.

My Instagram page is totally fresh, cool, and stylish.

Thank you, Jo Cook!

Check out Jo Cook’s pages here:


And a few of the images below:

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