Our Experience at Rogers Arena

The second Canadian NHL arena (and third NHL arena) we checked off our bucket list…

October 25th, 2015

We hopped on a flight from Calgary to Vancouver, Canada.

I have this…tradition shall I say, to email each NHL Arenas Season Ticket Holder staff before we make our journey to their arena.


We had really hit it out of the park with Calgary the previous 2 days so I didn’t want to be greedy but I really thought we’d get a response from them since it worked so well with the Flames.

But I was SUPER excited for Vancouver for a few reasons:

  1. I love their accents
  2. I love the Canucks (ehm…the Sedin Brothers)
  3. Vancouver is B E A U T I F U L
Picture taken on the False Creek Seawall

We got on an early flight so we could buzz around Vancouver before the game that night.

We started off eating, because that’s the most important thing to do when you’re on a trip – we had delicious seafood that quite literally could’ve just came out of the water and we headed to the False Creek Seawall.

A 9.4 mile paved bike path that begins at English Bay and continues around False Creek to Kitsilano Beach.

I’d be lying if I said we made it all 9.4 miles….

But we ( I ) did my best…dad could’ve easily made it those 9.4 miles but this girl right here is a lazy girl and I could not do such physical activity.

After the bike ride, we naturally went SHOPPING!!

We went to Roots which had a totally cozy Vancouver matching set that I had to get.

Photo by: Jo Cook of Sun and Soil Designs

Dad contemplated getting a Christmas themed onsie…
I wish I could find that photo because it was HILARIOUS.

Then, before we knew it, it was time to head to the game!

I was geeked because I was going to see THE Sedin Brothers IN REAL LIFE!!!

These two guys are just M A G I C on that ice together. So imagine my sadness when Henrik gets hurt and has to leave the game early.

Thanks a lot, Henrik.

All kidding aside, just being able to see both of them on the ice at the same time was some kind of amazing. These two players just anticipate each others moves….twin telepathy is a THING people. (Did I mention they were twins?!?)

There have been other twin players in the NHL but the Sedin Brothers are the ONLY ones to play for the same team for their entire career. (Let’s blame Wiki if this stat is wrong…I know, I know Wiki is the last place I should go for reputable information…but here we are!)

It’s outrageously cool and I just admire the crap out of them.

The Red Wings WIN to The Canucks by a 4-3 score in OT. (Thanks Nyquist for the Game Winner!)

Vancouver marked the 3rd NHL Arena (Calgary Flames being the second) on our bucket list of attending Red Wings games at different NHL Arenas. 

Next stop? Boston!

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