Our Experience at Madison Square Garden

The fifth NHL arena we checked off our bucket list…

April 9th, 2016

We hopped on a flight from Boston, MA to New York, NY

I have this…tradition shall I say, to email each NHL Arenas Season Ticket Holder staff before we make our journey to their arena.


Again, I wasn’t surprised.
And that’s not a dig at New York (or from my previous post, Boston) AT ALL!
It’s just the more I games we went to, the more I realized that our journey isn’t all that special – a lot of other fans were doing the same.

I was just as excited for New York as I was for Boston. But for very different reasons.

They city of New York is what drew me in, but Henrik Lundqvist is why I love NYC

& IMAGINE my disappointment when I found out he wasn’t the starting goalie.

It was the LAST game of the season, so it wasn’t that unusual for the starting goalie to take a seat and have the other goalie play the whole game.

I had made a comment to my dad about how annoying it was that he wasn’t playing – I do like him for his talent too, not just his looks 😉

& one of the fans sitting to my left said

“Well, at least you get to see him sitting on the bench without his helmet on”


Sorry NOT sorry for wearing a Lundqvist jersey.

We sat in the ‘Friends & Family’ section again. The seats were similar to how they were in Boston, center ice. Really great, but again we made the decision to pick our seats the next time we catch a game so we can be in control of where we sit.

After the game, dad and I headed to NoBu, our FAVORITE restaurant to visit when we are in NYC. Since the Rangers game was a matinee game, we had the rest of the day to do whatever we wanted.

We spent close to SIX hours in the restaurant.

It was the most fun I had ever had in a restaurant. My dad just told the server to bring out his favorite dishes and keep them coming until we tapped out.

We went to the NHL Store which was AMAZING. It had ANYTHING you could ever dream of no matter what team you were a fan of.

Needless to say we were full on sashimi and sake and had a BLAST.

The Red Wings lose to The Rangers by a score of 2-3.

New York marked the 5th NHL Arena (Boston being our fourth) on our bucket list of attending Red Wings games at different NHL Arenas. 

Next stop? Nashville!

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