Our Experience at Bridgestone Arena

The sixth NHL arena we checked off our bucket list…

February 4th, 2017

We hopped on a flight to Nashville!

I have this…tradition shall I say, to email each NHL Arenas Season Ticket Holder staff before we make our journey to their arena.


Oops. Sue me.


Each time we go to an NHL arena I am geeked for one reason or another.

Time time, I was geeked because we planned to go to Honky Tonk Central and enjoy some live country music and some Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey.

I wish I could find the pics I took of the rooftop bars we Honky Tonked around to, but I can’t seem to find them. If I do, I’ll edit this post and make y’all come back and look at them.

Per our tradition (that you are just learning about now) we go to the arenas NHL store and get a lapel to put on my lanyard to mark yet another NHL arena we traveled to.

We decided since we had ample time before the game started and, we were all Honky Tonked out, we went to their store and got my lapel.

As we were walking out of the store, none other than:
Anthony Mantha
Gustav Nyquist
Andreas Athanasiou
come out of the elevator and head out THE SAME DOORS right in front of me and dad.

Dad doesn’t know what these guys look like without their jersey numbers but naturally, I DO.

So he had no idea why I couldn’t seem to get my feet to work underneath me.

After they walked across the street to their hotel and dad and I walked towards their outdoor “ice rink” I told dad who just walked in front of us and he told me I should’ve gotten a picture.

YA RIGHT. They’re CELEBRITIES in my 23 year old brain and I couldn’t just TALK to them.

My dad laughed and called me a sissy (in a lovingly way) & we went on with our day.

While I imagined what it would’ve been like to just ask for a dang picture…

The Red Wings won to The Predators by a 1-0 score

The Nashville Predators marked the 6th NHL Arena (New York being our fifth) on our bucket list of attending Red Wings games at different NHL Arenas. 

Next stop? Dallas!

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2 thoughts on “Our Experience at Bridgestone Arena

  1. So awesome to have seen them without being on the ice. I wish you could of used your voice that day. Oh well I’m sure you’ll get that chance again. ❤


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